Genesis Study Part 1

May 11, 2018

Genesis Study Part 1, episode 7

We begin our close look at Genesis 1-3 by reading the 3 chapters together and making some observations. In this episode, we take a look at what the narrative tells us about God, Sacred Space and Life and Death. Before you listen to the episode, you should download the Genesis Bible Study doc, read through Genesis 1-3 and write down your own observations. Then you can listen to the episode and learn more about the questions asked in the study document.

Genesis Bible Study Questions – Download and use to prepare and take notes as you listen to the upcoming episodes



What it Means to Be an Image Bearer – NT Wright (Short – 3 min)

Temple Theology and New Creation – NT Wright (Med – 35 min)

The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright  (Long – 1 hour) You can also read what is in this video. See the Articles section. The article has more info than the video.


Jewishness and the Trinity

The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright

Temple Theology

Temple faces east

Eden, The Temple and the Church’s Mission in the New Creation – G K Beale. The main part about Eden begins on page 7 with the title “The Garden of Eden was a Temple in the First Creation”


Hearing God – Dallas Willard (One of my favorite books of all time!) Highly Recommended!

The Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence

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