Genesis Study Part 2

May 11, 2018

Genesis Study Part 2, episode 8.

In this episode, we take a close look at the descriptions of humans in Genesis 1-3. How and why were the humans made?  What tasks and purposes were they made for? How are male and female related to one another? Is there a hierarchy of men over women? What is the state of everything before the humans disobey God? And, of course, how does all of this relate to the Genuine Life today?



The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton

The NIV Application Commentary on Genesis  – John Walton

How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership


Is “adam” “Adam”? – Dr. Michael Heiser (Hebrew scholar)

A Suitable Helper (in Hebrew) – Marg Mowczyko

Ish & Ishah – Together Fully Human

God’s Original Intention for Man and Woman

Adam and the Genome – Jesus Creed (Blog of Scot McKnight)

Why Arguments Against Women In Ministry Aren’t Biblical – Ben Witherington III

Specific Interpretations on Proof-Texts of Women in Church – Marg Mowczko


Christians for Biblical Equality

They include a variety of resources, but I like the careful, and deep treatments of the Bible in its original language. I particularly enjoyed.

Debate over the Greek word “kephale” (translated “head” in English) – CBE International

Information Regarding Adam and Eve and Genetics/Science (There are different viewpoints and opinions here)

Adam and Eve – BioLogos


Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church – NT Wright (Long – 1 hour)  Excellent Overview of the Topic!

Women in Leadership – NT Wright (Short – 4 min)

Women – Biblical Exegesis – 1 Timothy 2:11-15 – NT Wright (Short – 7 min)

An Overview of Genesis Including Questions of Hierarchy/Patriarchy (Entitled “Women and Their Roles in the NT”, but is mostly a talk about Genesis)

Women and Their Roles in the New Testament -Ben Witherington III (Long – 1 hour)  Excellent – Recommended!

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