Genesis Study Part 4

May 11, 2018

Genesis Study Part 4, episode 10.

Now Adam and Eve have disobeyed regarding eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What happens to them as a result? How does God treat them after the disobedience? Is He going to kill them or does He explain the natural consequences of their actions?  We especially take a close look at the Hebrew words and the Old Testament Septuagint (Greek) words that God speaks to the woman in Genesis 3:16. It’s very likely not what you think from reading an English translation!

To aid in the close look at Genesis 3:16 and its translation, you may want to download this document and have it in front of you while listening to this episode.

Genesis 3:16 Translations



The NIV Application Commentary on Genesis – John Walton


God’s Word to Women: The Fall of Humankind

Teshuqah: Timeline of Translation – God’s Word to Women

Teshuqah: The Woman’s Desire in Genesis 3:16 – Marg Mowczko

My Jewish Learning: Who was Eve?

Changing Genesis 3:16: About the ESV Translation

St. Irenaus on the Creation of Eve – Ancient Faith

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