Genesis Study Part 5

May 11, 2018

Genesis Study Part 5, episode 11.

We finish up the Genesis 1-3 narrative looking at Adam and Eve being blocked from entering the Garden of Eden and therefore access to the Tree of Life. Why would God do this? Is He just mad and punishing them? We also take a look at what this story tells us about a very important word in all of scripture – sin. What is sin? How is it related to worship and idolatry? And, does this story in Genesis say anything about what is often discussed as “original sin”? 



The Day the Revolution Began – NT Wright

The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton


The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright  (Long – 1 hour) You can also read what is in this video. See the Articles section. The article has more info than the video.

Word Study: Khata – “Sin” – The Bible Project (Short – 6 min)

Word Study: Agape – “Love” – The Bible Project (Short – 5 min)

Did Augustine Corrupt the Church with Gnostic Doctrine?

(I don’t know anything in particular about the person presenting this video and since I haven’t acquainted myself with his full teachings I am not able to recommend just anything he teaches. HOWEVER, having read through much early church literature and having studied church history, his findings in this video are correct.)


The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright

At the Heart of NT Wright’s Newest – Jesus Creed 

Eastern Orthodox View of Sin – Wikipedia

Augustine’s Mistake About Sin

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