Genesis Study Part 6

May 11, 2018

Genesis Study Part 6, episode 12.

We’ve made it through Genesis 1-3, but now let’s take a look at the themes that run throughout the entire Bible, but begin in Genesis 1-3. These themes include the renewal of the broken, sacred space and life and death. We can also see that the New Testament at times is written to show the undoing of what went wrong in the Old Testament….it almost functions like a mirror showing what is set right from what went wrong. How is what was broken now fixed? It’s Jesus! And, we end the episode by listening to some early church writings that discuss the story of the broken and how things are renewed and made whole again. You may want to download the docs given below as they are a guide to the discussion in the episode and they provide the verses for you to check out.

Themes Throughout the Old and New Testaments

Some Old Testament/New Testament Reflections



The Lost World of the Flood – John Walton


The Story of Noah – John Walton @ Seedbed (Short – 7 min)

Tower of Babel – John Walton @ Seedbed (Short – 8 min)

Design Patterns in Biblical Narrative – The Bible Project (Short – 6 min)

Early Church Writings:

The Didache (between 50 – 120 AD)

The Letter of Mathetes to Diognetus (130 – 200 AD)

The Proof of the Apostolic Teaching, Irenaeus (around 180 AD)

Against Heresies, Irenaeus (around 180 AD)

On the Incarnation, Athanasius (early 300s)

The Dialogue with Trypho the Jew, Justin Martyr (155-160 AD)

Fragments from Irenaus’ other writings

The Letter of Barnabus (70 – 130 AD)

Ignatius’ Letters (esp to the church at Ephesus and the church at Magnesia). (around 100 AD)

  – To the Magnesians

  – To the Ephesians

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