Genesis Study Part 7

May 11, 2018

Genesis Study Part 7, episode 13.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the big narrative in Genesis 1-3, we’re going to take a closer look at Genesis 1 itself. What is being created in this account? Is this an account of material origins? Is it possible something else is going on here? We’ll see why after a close study of Genesis 1 we can see that science and the Bible are not at war. To do this, we’ll be discussing John Walton’s book, The Lost World of Genesis. We’ll give an overview of the book to help people as they read through it for themselves.



The Lost World of Genesis 1 – John Walton


Origins Today: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes – John Walton (Long – 1 hour, 30 min) Highly Recommended!

Interpreting the Creation Story – John Walton @ Seedbed (Short – 7 min)

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