Getting Started with Genesis 1-3

May 11, 2018

Getting Started with Genesis 1-3, episode 5

Let’s dive into Genesis 1-3 beginning with the basics we need to know in order to best understand it. This includes, the author, the time of writing, and some of the typical problems with interpreting it. 

Genesis Bible Study Questions – Download and use to prepare and take notes as you listen to the upcoming episodes



The Lost World of Genesis One – John Walton

The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton

The NIV Application Commentary – Genesis by John Walton

The Five Books of Moses – Rober Alter

Genesis for Everyone, Part 1 – John Goldingay


Overview of Genesis Narrative

Genesis: Beginning the Right Story – Tim Mackie (Medium – 44 min) Highly Recommended!

Read Scripture: Genesis Chaps 1-11 – The Bible Project (Short – 8 min) Highly Recommended!  Beautifully illustrated explanation of the story!

The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton (Long – 1 hour) Highly Recommended!

Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on Genesis

Be the Bee: Creation and Fall (Short – 5 min)

Eastern Orthodox Perspective as explained by a Protestant theologian/pastor who became Orthodox via Careful Study and includes the understanding in Genesis

On Being Orthodox (Protestant Who Carefully Studied the Bible, Now is Orthodox) (Long – 1 hour, 17 min)

Shows the difference between the Western church gospel and the Eastern church gospel which goes back to Genesis

The Gospel in Chairs (Short – 9 min)

NT Wright on the Creation Narratives (Short – 2 min)

NT Wright on Adam and Eve (Short – 5 min)

Interpreting the Creation Story – John Walton (Short – 7 min)

What is the Ancient Near East? – John Walton (Short – 7 min)

Reading Genesis 1 in Context, Part 1 – Sandra Richter (Short – 7 min)

Reading Genesis 1 in Context, Part 2 – Sandra Richter (Short – 7 min)

What Happened on the Cross? – N T Wright (Short – 2 min)

Why I Reject An Angry God – N T Wright (Short – 2 min)

Blogs/ Websites:

Is ‘adam “Adam”? – Michael Heiser

Eastern Orthodox Perspective

Sin is Not a Legal Problem  – Ancient Faith (Short)

The Original Christian Gospel (Eastern Orthodox Perspective)

Justification – An Orthodox Perspective

How do the New Testament writers look at the Old Testament

Were the NT Writers Hermaneutical Hacks? – Michael Heiser (Short)

Jesus’ Death Does More Than Get Us Into Heaven – N T Wright (Christianity Today Article – Short)

Eastern/Western Church Schism


A fantastic overview of the whole Bible and what is happening with Jesus!

NT Wright on The Eric Metaxas Podcast (Highly Recommended!)

Hour 1

Hour 2

NT Wright on the Phil Vischer Podcast – Starting at 17 minutes in. (Medium – 30 min)

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