Getting Started with the Bible

May 11, 2018

Getting Started with the Bible, Episode 2.

In this episode, we cover an introduction to the Bible and suggestions for translations and types of Bibles. We also discuss how to start reading it for yourself including tips for how to best read it and pitfalls to avoid. While the episode covers basics, it also covers important information on how best to approach the Bible as a whole….something that is important for new readers and those who’ve been reading it for a while.


My Favorite Translations:

The Message – Eugene Peterson

Kingdom New Testament – NT Wright

New Living Translation

New Revised Standard Version

New American Standard Version


One. Life – Scot McKnight

Scripture and the Authority of God – NT Wright

The Mission of God – Christopher Wright

Learn to Read New Testament Greek – David Alan Black

Basics of Biblical Greek – William Mounce


These videos are an excellent overview of how we can best read the Bible

The Whole Sweep of Scripture – NT Wright (Short – 7 min) Highly Recommended!

Why Bible Background Matters, Seven Minute Seminary – Dr. Ben Witherington III  (Short – 7 min)

Gordon Fee: How Should We Read the Bible? – Gordon Fee (Medium – 30 min)

What is the Gospel? Scot McKnight (Short – 7 min)

What is the Gospel? – NT Wright (Short – 13 min)

Reading the Old Testament: The Ancient Origins and Authority of Scripture – Veritas Forum (including John Walton) (Very Long – 2 hours, 15 BUT it is Excellent!)


Both of these are short, good overviews of how to read the Bible (Good for All Levels of Learners)

Hermaneutics, What is It and Why Do Bible Readers Need It? – Ben Witherington III

Heisler’s Laws for Bible Study – Michael Heisler

This is a more in-depth article discussing best practices and some pitfalls at reading the Bible

How Can the Bible Be Authoritative?– NT Wright

For the More Advanced and Serious Bible Reader:

Have you been reading the Bible for some time and are ready to go deeper? Have you been a serious Bible student and are ready to go to the next level? Here’s what every serious Bible reader should know – Dig Deeper materials.

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