Getting the Bible’s Words Right

May 11, 2018

Getting the Bible’s Words Right, episode 15.

To understand the Bible well, we first must understand the framework it is written in. Once we understand that and then look closely at the original Greek and Hebrew words, we can better understand the words the Bible is using throughout the entire Biblical narrative.  Many of the words in this episode are foundational to the understanding of the Bible. We discuss the words sin, repentance, faith, forgiveness, salvation, gospel, grace, new creation/new life, kingdom of God, disciple, holiness, judgement, and God’s glory.



The Great Omission – Dallas Willard


Word Study: Khata – “Sin” – The Bible Project (Short – 6 min)

Dallas Willard on the Kingdom of God, Grace, Discipleship – Dallas Willard @ Catalyst Conference (2 Short videos each about 6 min)

    Part 1

    Part 2

The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright  (Long – 1 hour) You can also read what is in this video. See the Articles section. The article has more info than the video.

What is the Gospel? – Scot McKnight (Short – 7 min)

Includes an understanding of “gospel” and  “repentance”

What is the Gospel? – NT Wright (Short – 13 min)

Gospel of the Kingdom – The Bible Project (Short – 6 min)


Eastern Orthodox View of Sin – Wikipedia

Sin is Not a Legal Problem – Ancient Faith (Short)

Grace and Discipleship – Dallas Willard (Interview) 

What is Holiness? – John Walton

The Great Omission Quotes – Dallas Willard (Includes many of the words in today’s episode)

The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright

Metanoia – Wikipedia

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