Science Vs The Bible

May 11, 2018

Science Vs. The Bible, episode 6.

The modern day interpretations of Genesis and their relationship to science has dominated discussions for Genesis in recent times. So much so that the true narrative story that Genesis is telling is nearly lost to readers. We are regaining a fresh look at Genesis through careful study in future episodes and we’re going to come to see that Genesis itself, as it is written, is not a scientific account and does not stand in conflict with science. This episode is for anyone who is either caught up in the controversy of science vs the Bible or for anyone coming from a scientific perspective that has always found the Bible and maybe Genesis in particular a stumbling block to believing anything the Bible has to say. This episode may not interest people that aren’t really “into” the science vs the Bible debate. And if you aren’t interested in it, that’s totally fine….feel free to skip this episode.




Veritas Forum

John Lennox

William Lane Craig


America’s Culture Wars – N T Wright and Biologos (Short – 4 min)

What Do You Mean By Literal? – NT Wright and Biologos (Short – 4 min)

On Genesis – NT Wright and Biologos (Short – 3 min)

On Understanding Ancient Texts – NT Wright and Biologos (Short – 3 min)

How Our Worldview Impacts Our Reading of Scripture – NT Wright (Short – 3 min)

A Survey of Christian Options on Genesis – John Walton (Med – 42 min)

The Question of Science and God Part 1– John Lennox interviewed by Eric Metaxes (Long -48 min) Highly Recommended!

The Question of Science and God Part 2 – John Lennox interviewed by Eric Metaxes (Long – 1 hour) Highly Recommended!

Fine Tuning – Nobel Physicist Bill Phillips (Short – 3 min)

Fine Tuning Physicist John Polkinghorne (Short – 3 min)

Quantum Physics Proves Something Can Come From Nothing? – William Lane Craig (Short – 4 min)

Reflecting on Stephen Hawking’s Life and Beliefs – John Lennox (Med – 25 min)

Scientists Can Be People of Faith – Nobel Physicist Bill Phillips (Short – 3 min)

Scientists At Top Universities Who Are Christians Talking About Faith in God – Veritas Forum (Short – 6 min)

Why It’s So Hard for Scientists to Believe in God? – Francis Collins (Short – 5 min)

Limits of Science (Short – 3 min)

Roger Penrose (Highly Regarded Mathemetician) on Multiverse Theory (Short – 3 min)

Generally speaking, debates are not a good format for weighing evidence. So, I’m usually not a fan of debates as they don’t promote the critical thinking through of what is being said. However, there are a number of good bits you can pick up from debates and investigate further.  Just remember that labeling someone as “winning” a debate is more a matter of “feeling” than of critical analysis.

Has Science Buried God? – John Lennox Vs. Richard Dawkins  (Long – 1 hour, 20 min)

Is There a God? – Peter Singer Vs. John Lennox (Long – 1 hour, 45 min)


God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? – John Lennox

Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics – William Lane Craig (Requires an understanding of logical arguments)

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief – Francis Collins

For those coming from a YEC Perspective:

How I Changed My Mind About Evolution

Beyond the Creation vs Evolution Debate – Denis Lamoureux

The Fallacy Detective – 38 Lessons on How To Recognize Bad Reasoning

It’s vital to understand logic, logical statements and logical proofs if you want to interact with philosophy and logical arguments. I would suggest an online course in logic or a book. 

Introduction to Logic – Gensler


What is Evolution? – BioLogos

Is Lawrence Krauss a Physicist or just a bad Philosopher? – Scientific American

Review of Krauss’ A Universe From Nothing by Prof. of Philosophy – New York Times

A Brief History of the Multiverse Theory by Cosmologist Paul Davies– New York Times

On the Unexpected Applicability of Mathematics to Nature – William Lane Craig

The Unreasonable Effectivness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences – Wikipedia

A for Almighty – Fred Hoyle’s Cosmic Theology


A Universe From Nothing – Reasonable Faith Podcast with William Lane Craig (Short – 20 min)

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