Sources of Confusion

May 11, 2018

Sources of Confusion, Episode 3

This time we learn about some of sources of confusion for those who are checking out Christianity, are new to Christianity, and even those who’ve been a Christian for some time. Is Christianity really about a new life right now? Or is it about something that happens when we die? Do you agree with Gandhi’s observation….”I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike Christ”? Are you a Christian but think there has to be more to the Christian life than going to church or doing certain things? We talk about these things as well as the confusion that new learners may have when learning from different Bible teachers and pastors.



The Divine Conspiracy – Dallas Willard (One of my top 10 books to recommend!)


Spiritual Formation as a Natural Part of Salvation, Wheaton College Talk – Dallas Willard (Highly Recommended – Must Watch!)

The entire Divine Conspiracy video collection is great, but start by watching video 5, Salvation Confusion and video 6, Kingdom Salvation.

Divine Conspiracy 01: Jesus & Culture – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 02: Human Nature – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 03: God and His Kingdom – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 04: Kingdom Gospel – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 05: Salvation Confusion -Dallas Willard (Highly Recommended!)

Divine Conspiracy 06: Kingdom Salvation – Dallas Willard (Highly Recommended!)

Divine Conspiracy 07: The Beatitudes – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 08: Transformation -Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 09: Church Communities – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 10: Kingdom Living – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 11: Living Without Anger – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 12: Prayer – Dallas Willard

What Happened on the Cross? – N T Wright (Short – 3 min)

Why I Reject An Angry God – N T Wright (Short – 2 min)

Blogs/ Articles:

Can Tom Wright Save Christianity?

Narrative Theology Explained – Roger Olson

NT Wright on the Phil Vischer Podcast – Starting at 17 minutes in.


NT Wright on The Eric Metaxas Podcast (Both Highly Recommended!)

Hour 1

Hour 2

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