The Grand Narrative

May 11, 2018

The Grand Narrative of the Bible, episode 4

In the previous episodes, we’ve talked a little about the Grand Narrative of the Bible and how it is fundamental to understanding what the Bible is saying.  Well, what is it?  That’s what we cover in this episode. The story of the Bible is one big story from beginning to end – from Genesis to Revelation.  And, we discuss how Jesus is an important part of this overall story. 



Seeing the Proper Grand Narrative

The Creation Will Be Saved – N T Wright (Short – 1 min)

Surprised By Hope Group Bible Study – N T Wright (Short – 16 min)

A Conversation with NT Wright (Long – 1 hour 40 min) Highly Recommended!

Genesis: Beginning the Right Story – Tim Mackie (Med – 44 min) Highly recommended!

The Story of the Bible – The Bible Project (Short – 5 min)

Plot in Biblical Narrative – The Bible Project (Short – 5 min)

Design Patterns in Biblical Narrative – The Bible Project (Short – 6 min)

How Jesus is Related to This Grand Narrative 

What Happened on the Cross? – N T Wright (Short – 3 min)

Reviewing the history of how we got to the Gospel we have now and is it Biblical

Getting the Gospel RightScot McKnight (Long – 1 hour, 20 m)

How Paul Thought about This Narrative of Scripture 

Paul’s Narrative Thought World – Ben Witherington III (Short – 5 min)


The Eastern Orthodox viewpoint on Sin which relates to this Grand Narrative

Sin is Not a Legal Problem – Ancient Faith (Short)

Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on the Western Ideas of the Bible and the History of their Development

Orthodox Problems with Penal Substitution (Medium)

Why I Deny Penal Substitutionary Atonement – Orthodox Reformed Bridge @ Ancient Faith(Long)

The Seat of Mercy and the End of the Legal View – Ancient Faith (Short)

A Biblical View of Christ’s Death – Orthodox Apologetics (Medium)

Atonement Between the Eastern and Western Traditions (Long – More In-Depth Treatment)

Background on Augustine

Augustine’s Mistake on Original Sin (Short)

Understanding the Character of God by Understanding the Right Narrative

“For God So Loved Himself? Is God a Narcissist? – Ben Witherington (Short)

Relationship of Jesus to the Grand Narrative

Summary of NT Wright’s The Day the Revolution Began – @ Jesus Creed (Short)

Early Church Writings:



Letter to Diognetus


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