Hello! Welcome to The Genuine Life! I’m so glad you’re here!


The Genuine Life is a place where we take a fresh look at old truths so we can have a new life now! I’m convinced that we were made to have a genuine, whole, and complete life and that we know that this world was meant to be something better. But, I also think that all of us can feel how we either don’t have that life or that our world is greatly broken.

Is there hope to move beyond that? Is there a way to embrace that life and transform our world?

I think there is.



I believe that we can explore the ancient truths of the Jewish and Christian scriptures and find out that what they tell us is amazing! They explain why our lives and this world is broken, but also how they don’t have to stay that way.

Friends, we were made for big purposes! And we can learn and embrace a new life right now!



I grew up in the Christian church my whole life, but a few years ago I decided to dig really, really deep and see what I would find if I took a close look at the Bible, the languages it was written in, early church writings and early church history.

Was the story as I was taught it? Would it hold up to scrutiny?



I’m a physicist by training and enjoy learning complex things, picking them apart and putting them together. Perhaps my strength is learning things well so that I can teach others well. As you might imagine, physicists get pretty good at examining evidence and critically analyzing it. I used my abilities in these areas as I began digging in really deep in the Bible, learning ancient Greek, reading Biblical scholars of Hebrew, Greek, Ancient Near East History and Writing, the Judaism of Jesus’ day, etc.


I know what you’re thinking – this is a snoozy, theological, boring podcast for people who’ve read the Bible forever. But, actually, it isn’t that at all.

This podcast is for everyone and I have new learners in mind when I write it.



For several years now, I’ve been leading Bible studies to help people from all backgrounds to be able to read and understand their Bible. That includes people who have never read the Bible before! And, it includes people who’ve read their Bible for sometime. How is that the case?


Because even people who’ve studied the Bible for a while haven’t (usually) learned about something that is foundational to understanding the Bible – that the Bible is one big narrative story and not like a textbook.

Once you begin to understand the storyline and see how it starts from the beginning and what the ultimate goal is of the whole Bible, you’ll understand how it all fits together better.



My job is to help you to learn by clearing out misconceptions or misinterpretations of the Bible and showing you how this beautiful and ancient writing can help you to live The Genuine Life that you were made for…..a life that begins today, right now!



About Me

I grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois. Got my bachelors degrees – Physics and Mathematics – from Southern Illinois University and then got my Master’s in Physics from the University of Illinois. I got more than a degree from the physics dept at the U of I, I got a husband too! My husband, John, has his Ph.D. in physics from the U of I. We’ve been married 20 years now and have 2 daughters, a teenager and a pre-teen. I’m loving every moment with my girls…time flies so quickly.

I’ve led Bible studies for many years and enjoy not just the study but even more getting to know people individually. I enjoy forming close friendships and mentoring those that I teach. We do life together! The ups and downs both!