Hi! Do you have questions or comments for me? Resources you want to suggest? Or future blog post or podcast topics?

That’s great! I love having good conversations about the genuine life and about the things we cover in the podcast! Good dialogue is something I really enjoy. And, I especially love helping people to learn for themselves and to answer questions of those who are new to the Bible and the things we talk about in this podcast. And, who knows! Maybe your question, comment or suggestion will be something I get to include in a future episode!

But, I do have a few requests regarding questions and comments:

  1. Please keep questions and comments to positive dialogue.u00a0 In keeping with the teachings of the Bible to be respectful and kind, truly loving of all, there should not be derogatory, mean spirited or accusatory attitudes. In order to be at peace with all people,u00a0 I won’t respond to comments or questions with these negative aspects.u00a0
  2. Please send comments and questions that you are truly wanting to dialogue about. I’m not interested in debate. I know that some people hold viewpoints very dogmatically and feel it is their obligation to set others right. I know these topics of the Bible and what it means can spur some people to vigorous debate and treating those with any other view with contempt or as somehow less educated.u00a0 In my experience, this isn’t fruitful. Having said that, I greatly enjoy meaningful, respectful and honest discussions. I have truly valued the wonderful conversations on faith, religions and beliefs with my friends who don’t share my own viewpoints.u00a0