Foundations, Episode 1

Welcome to the podcast! This episode gives an introduction to The Genuine Life, who it’s for, what it covers and background on the host.



Surprised by Hope – N T Wright

Simply Jesus – N T Wright

Simply Christian – N T Wright

Simply Good News – N T Wright


Surprised by Hope – N T Wright  (Short – 16 min)

Simple Good News Talk at Google – N T Wright  (Long – 54 min)

Rethinking Life After Death – N T Wright  (Med – 26 min)

Getting Started with the Bible, Episode 2.

In this episode, we cover an introduction to the Bible and suggestions for translations and types of Bibles. We also discuss how to start reading it for yourself including tips for how to best read it and pitfalls to avoid. While the episode covers basics, it also covers important information on how best to approach the Bible as a whole….something that is important for new readers and those who’ve been reading it for a while.


My Favorite Translations:

The Message – Eugene Peterson

Kingdom New Testament – NT Wright

New Living Translation

New Revised Standard Version

New American Standard Version


One. Life – Scot McKnight

Scripture and the Authority of God – NT Wright

The Mission of God – Christopher Wright

Learn to Read New Testament Greek – David Alan Black

Basics of Biblical Greek – William Mounce


These videos are an excellent overview of how we can best read the Bible

The Whole Sweep of Scripture – NT Wright (Short – 7 min) Highly Recommended!

Why Bible Background Matters, Seven Minute Seminary – Dr. Ben Witherington III  (Short – 7 min)

Gordon Fee: How Should We Read the Bible? – Gordon Fee (Medium – 30 min)

What is the Gospel? Scot McKnight (Short – 7 min)

What is the Gospel? – NT Wright (Short – 13 min)

Reading the Old Testament: The Ancient Origins and Authority of Scripture – Veritas Forum (including John Walton) (Very Long – 2 hours, 15 BUT it is Excellent!)


Both of these are short, good overviews of how to read the Bible (Good for All Levels of Learners)

Hermaneutics, What is It and Why Do Bible Readers Need It? – Ben Witherington III

Heisler’s Laws for Bible Study – Michael Heisler

This is a more in-depth article discussing best practices and some pitfalls at reading the Bible

How Can the Bible Be Authoritative?– NT Wright

For the More Advanced and Serious Bible Reader:

Have you been reading the Bible for some time and are ready to go deeper? Have you been a serious Bible student and are ready to go to the next level? Here’s what every serious Bible reader should know – Dig Deeper materials.

Sources of Confusion, Episode 3

This time we learn about some of sources of confusion for those who are checking out Christianity, are new to Christianity, and even those who’ve been a Christian for some time. Is Christianity really about a new life right now? Or is it about something that happens when we die? Do you agree with Gandhi’s observation….”I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike Christ”? Are you a Christian but think there has to be more to the Christian life than going to church or doing certain things? We talk about these things as well as the confusion that new learners may have when learning from different Bible teachers and pastors.



The Divine Conspiracy – Dallas Willard (One of my top 10 books to recommend!)


Spiritual Formation as a Natural Part of Salvation, Wheaton College Talk – Dallas Willard (Highly Recommended – Must Watch!)

The entire Divine Conspiracy video collection is great, but start by watching video 5, Salvation Confusion and video 6, Kingdom Salvation.

Divine Conspiracy 01: Jesus & Culture – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 02: Human Nature – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 03: God and His Kingdom – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 04: Kingdom Gospel – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 05: Salvation Confusion -Dallas Willard (Highly Recommended!)

Divine Conspiracy 06: Kingdom Salvation – Dallas Willard (Highly Recommended!)

Divine Conspiracy 07: The Beatitudes – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 08: Transformation -Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 09: Church Communities – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 10: Kingdom Living – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 11: Living Without Anger – Dallas Willard

Divine Conspiracy 12: Prayer – Dallas Willard

What Happened on the Cross? – N T Wright (Short – 3 min)

Why I Reject An Angry God – N T Wright (Short – 2 min)

Blogs/ Articles:

Can Tom Wright Save Christianity?

Narrative Theology Explained – Roger Olson

NT Wright on the Phil Vischer Podcast – Starting at 17 minutes in.


NT Wright on The Eric Metaxas Podcast (Both Highly Recommended!)

Hour 1

Hour 2

The Grand Narrative of the Bible, episode 4

In the previous episodes, we’ve talked a little about the Grand Narrative of the Bible and how it is fundamental to understanding what the Bible is saying.  Well, what is it?  That’s what we cover in this episode. The story of the Bible is one big story from beginning to end – from Genesis to Revelation.  And, we discuss how Jesus is an important part of this overall story. 



Seeing the Proper Grand Narrative

The Creation Will Be Saved – N T Wright (Short – 1 min)

Surprised By Hope Group Bible Study – N T Wright (Short – 16 min)

A Conversation with NT Wright (Long – 1 hour 40 min) Highly Recommended!

Genesis: Beginning the Right Story – Tim Mackie (Med – 44 min) Highly recommended!

The Story of the Bible – The Bible Project (Short – 5 min)

Plot in Biblical Narrative – The Bible Project (Short – 5 min)

Design Patterns in Biblical Narrative – The Bible Project (Short – 6 min)

How Jesus is Related to This Grand Narrative 

What Happened on the Cross? – N T Wright (Short – 3 min)

Reviewing the history of how we got to the Gospel we have now and is it Biblical

Getting the Gospel RightScot McKnight (Long – 1 hour, 20 m)

How Paul Thought about This Narrative of Scripture 

Paul’s Narrative Thought World – Ben Witherington III (Short – 5 min)


The Eastern Orthodox viewpoint on Sin which relates to this Grand Narrative

Sin is Not a Legal Problem – Ancient Faith (Short)

Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on the Western Ideas of the Bible and the History of their Development

Orthodox Problems with Penal Substitution (Medium)

Why I Deny Penal Substitutionary Atonement – Orthodox Reformed Bridge @ Ancient Faith(Long)

The Seat of Mercy and the End of the Legal View – Ancient Faith (Short)

A Biblical View of Christ’s Death – Orthodox Apologetics (Medium)

Atonement Between the Eastern and Western Traditions (Long – More In-Depth Treatment)

Background on Augustine

Augustine’s Mistake on Original Sin (Short)

Understanding the Character of God by Understanding the Right Narrative

“For God So Loved Himself? Is God a Narcissist? – Ben Witherington (Short)

Relationship of Jesus to the Grand Narrative

Summary of NT Wright’s The Day the Revolution Began – @ Jesus Creed (Short)

Early Church Writings:



Letter to Diognetus


Getting Started with Genesis 1-3, episode 5

Let’s dive into Genesis 1-3 beginning with the basics we need to know in order to best understand it. This includes, the author, the time of writing, and some of the typical problems with interpreting it. 

Genesis Bible Study Questions – Download and use to prepare and take notes as you listen to the upcoming episodes



The Lost World of Genesis One – John Walton

The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton

The NIV Application Commentary – Genesis by John Walton

The Five Books of Moses – Rober Alter

Genesis for Everyone, Part 1 – John Goldingay


Overview of Genesis Narrative

Genesis: Beginning the Right Story – Tim Mackie (Medium – 44 min) Highly Recommended!

Read Scripture: Genesis Chaps 1-11 – The Bible Project (Short – 8 min) Highly Recommended!  Beautifully illustrated explanation of the story!

The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton (Long – 1 hour) Highly Recommended!

Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on Genesis

Be the Bee: Creation and Fall (Short – 5 min)

Eastern Orthodox Perspective as explained by a Protestant theologian/pastor who became Orthodox via Careful Study and includes the understanding in Genesis

On Being Orthodox (Protestant Who Carefully Studied the Bible, Now is Orthodox) (Long – 1 hour, 17 min)

Shows the difference between the Western church gospel and the Eastern church gospel which goes back to Genesis

The Gospel in Chairs (Short – 9 min)

NT Wright on the Creation Narratives (Short – 2 min)

NT Wright on Adam and Eve (Short – 5 min)

Interpreting the Creation Story – John Walton (Short – 7 min)

What is the Ancient Near East? – John Walton (Short – 7 min)

Reading Genesis 1 in Context, Part 1 – Sandra Richter (Short – 7 min)

Reading Genesis 1 in Context, Part 2 – Sandra Richter (Short – 7 min)

What Happened on the Cross? – N T Wright (Short – 2 min)

Why I Reject An Angry God – N T Wright (Short – 2 min)

Blogs/ Websites:

Is ‘adam “Adam”? – Michael Heiser

Eastern Orthodox Perspective

Sin is Not a Legal Problem  – Ancient Faith (Short)

The Original Christian Gospel (Eastern Orthodox Perspective)

Justification – An Orthodox Perspective

How do the New Testament writers look at the Old Testament

Were the NT Writers Hermaneutical Hacks? – Michael Heiser (Short)

Jesus’ Death Does More Than Get Us Into Heaven – N T Wright (Christianity Today Article – Short)

Eastern/Western Church Schism


A fantastic overview of the whole Bible and what is happening with Jesus!

NT Wright on The Eric Metaxas Podcast (Highly Recommended!)

Hour 1

Hour 2

NT Wright on the Phil Vischer Podcast – Starting at 17 minutes in. (Medium – 30 min)

Science Vs. The Bible, episode 6.

The modern day interpretations of Genesis and their relationship to science has dominated discussions for Genesis in recent times. So much so that the true narrative story that Genesis is telling is nearly lost to readers. We are regaining a fresh look at Genesis through careful study in future episodes and we’re going to come to see that Genesis itself, as it is written, is not a scientific account and does not stand in conflict with science. This episode is for anyone who is either caught up in the controversy of science vs the Bible or for anyone coming from a scientific perspective that has always found the Bible and maybe Genesis in particular a stumbling block to believing anything the Bible has to say. This episode may not interest people that aren’t really “into” the science vs the Bible debate. And if you aren’t interested in it, that’s totally fine….feel free to skip this episode.




Veritas Forum

John Lennox

William Lane Craig


America’s Culture Wars – N T Wright and Biologos (Short – 4 min)

What Do You Mean By Literal? – NT Wright and Biologos (Short – 4 min)

On Genesis – NT Wright and Biologos (Short – 3 min)

On Understanding Ancient Texts – NT Wright and Biologos (Short – 3 min)

How Our Worldview Impacts Our Reading of Scripture – NT Wright (Short – 3 min)

A Survey of Christian Options on Genesis – John Walton (Med – 42 min)

The Question of Science and God Part 1– John Lennox interviewed by Eric Metaxes (Long -48 min) Highly Recommended!

The Question of Science and God Part 2 – John Lennox interviewed by Eric Metaxes (Long – 1 hour) Highly Recommended!

Fine Tuning – Nobel Physicist Bill Phillips (Short – 3 min)

Fine Tuning Physicist John Polkinghorne (Short – 3 min)

Quantum Physics Proves Something Can Come From Nothing? – William Lane Craig (Short – 4 min)

Reflecting on Stephen Hawking’s Life and Beliefs – John Lennox (Med – 25 min)

Scientists Can Be People of Faith – Nobel Physicist Bill Phillips (Short – 3 min)

Scientists At Top Universities Who Are Christians Talking About Faith in God – Veritas Forum (Short – 6 min)

Why It’s So Hard for Scientists to Believe in God? – Francis Collins (Short – 5 min)

Limits of Science (Short – 3 min)

Roger Penrose (Highly Regarded Mathemetician) on Multiverse Theory (Short – 3 min)

Generally speaking, debates are not a good format for weighing evidence. So, I’m usually not a fan of debates as they don’t promote the critical thinking through of what is being said. However, there are a number of good bits you can pick up from debates and investigate further.  Just remember that labeling someone as “winning” a debate is more a matter of “feeling” than of critical analysis.

Has Science Buried God? – John Lennox Vs. Richard Dawkins  (Long – 1 hour, 20 min)

Is There a God? – Peter Singer Vs. John Lennox (Long – 1 hour, 45 min)


God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? – John Lennox

Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics – William Lane Craig (Requires an understanding of logical arguments)

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief – Francis Collins

For those coming from a YEC Perspective:

How I Changed My Mind About Evolution

Beyond the Creation vs Evolution Debate – Denis Lamoureux

The Fallacy Detective – 38 Lessons on How To Recognize Bad Reasoning

It’s vital to understand logic, logical statements and logical proofs if you want to interact with philosophy and logical arguments. I would suggest an online course in logic or a book. 

Introduction to Logic – Gensler


What is Evolution? – BioLogos

Is Lawrence Krauss a Physicist or just a bad Philosopher? – Scientific American

Review of Krauss’ A Universe From Nothing by Prof. of Philosophy – New York Times

A Brief History of the Multiverse Theory by Cosmologist Paul Davies– New York Times

On the Unexpected Applicability of Mathematics to Nature – William Lane Craig

The Unreasonable Effectivness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences – Wikipedia

A for Almighty – Fred Hoyle’s Cosmic Theology


A Universe From Nothing – Reasonable Faith Podcast with William Lane Craig (Short – 20 min)

Genesis Study Part 1, episode 7

We begin our close look at Genesis 1-3 by reading the 3 chapters together and making some observations. In this episode, we take a look at what the narrative tells us about God, Sacred Space and Life and Death. Before you listen to the episode, you should download the Genesis Bible Study doc, read through Genesis 1-3 and write down your own observations. Then you can listen to the episode and learn more about the questions asked in the study document.

Genesis Bible Study Questions – Download and use to prepare and take notes as you listen to the upcoming episodes



What it Means to Be an Image Bearer – NT Wright (Short – 3 min)

Temple Theology and New Creation – NT Wright (Med – 35 min)

The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright  (Long – 1 hour) You can also read what is in this video. See the Articles section. The article has more info than the video.


Jewishness and the Trinity

The Royal Revolution Fresh Perspectives on the Cross – NT Wright

Temple Theology

Temple faces east

Eden, The Temple and the Church’s Mission in the New Creation – G K Beale. The main part about Eden begins on page 7 with the title “The Garden of Eden was a Temple in the First Creation”


Hearing God – Dallas Willard (One of my favorite books of all time!) Highly Recommended!

The Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence

Genesis Study Part 2, episode 8.

In this episode, we take a close look at the descriptions of humans in Genesis 1-3. How and why were the humans made?  What tasks and purposes were they made for? How are male and female related to one another? Is there a hierarchy of men over women? What is the state of everything before the humans disobey God? And, of course, how does all of this relate to the Genuine Life today?



The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton

The NIV Application Commentary on Genesis  – John Walton

How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership


Is “adam” “Adam”? – Dr. Michael Heiser (Hebrew scholar)

A Suitable Helper (in Hebrew) – Marg Mowczyko

Ish & Ishah – Together Fully Human

God’s Original Intention for Man and Woman

Adam and the Genome – Jesus Creed (Blog of Scot McKnight)

Why Arguments Against Women In Ministry Aren’t Biblical – Ben Witherington III

Specific Interpretations on Proof-Texts of Women in Church – Marg Mowczko


Christians for Biblical Equality

They include a variety of resources, but I like the careful, and deep treatments of the Bible in its original language. I particularly enjoyed.

Debate over the Greek word “kephale” (translated “head” in English) – CBE International

Information Regarding Adam and Eve and Genetics/Science (There are different viewpoints and opinions here)

Adam and Eve – BioLogos


Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church – NT Wright (Long – 1 hour)  Excellent Overview of the Topic!

Women in Leadership – NT Wright (Short – 4 min)

Women – Biblical Exegesis – 1 Timothy 2:11-15 – NT Wright (Short – 7 min)

An Overview of Genesis Including Questions of Hierarchy/Patriarchy (Entitled “Women and Their Roles in the NT”, but is mostly a talk about Genesis)

Women and Their Roles in the New Testament -Ben Witherington III (Long – 1 hour)  Excellent – Recommended!

Genesis Study Part 3, episode 9.

Now, we get to the part of the story where things fall apart. What is going on with the two trees in this story? Are they real trees with real fruit that either gives life or causes death? Are they metaphorical in giving us an understanding of something bigger? Are they merely a moral test for Adam and Eve? In the midst of all of this a serpent enters the scene. What is going on with this serpent? Who or what is the serpent? How did he arrive on the scene? And, does this story tell us anything about our own lives….how is this story about Adam and Eve and these two trees related to us?



The NIV Application Commentary on Genesis – John Walton

The Lost World of Adam and Eve – John Walton


Oneness and the Fall – Part 1 – Ancient Faith Ministries (Short – 13 min)

Oneness and the Fall – Part 2 – Ancient Faith Ministries (Short – 15 min)

Oneness and the Fall – Part 3 – Ancient Faith Ministries (Short – 18 min)

Oneness and the Fall – Part 4 – Ancient Faith Ministries (Short – 12 min)


The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – Micah Redding

Early Church Writings:

The Letter to Diognetus

Genesis Study Part 4, episode 10.

Now Adam and Eve have disobeyed regarding eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What happens to them as a result? How does God treat them after the disobedience? Is He going to kill them or does He explain the natural consequences of their actions?  We especially take a close look at the Hebrew words and the Old Testament Septuagint (Greek) words that God speaks to the woman in Genesis 3:16. It’s very likely not what you think from reading an English translation!

To aid in the close look at Genesis 3:16 and its translation, you may want to download this document and have it in front of you while listening to this episode.

Genesis 3:16 Translations



The NIV Application Commentary on Genesis – John Walton


God’s Word to Women: The Fall of Humankind

Teshuqah: Timeline of Translation – God’s Word to Women

Teshuqah: The Woman’s Desire in Genesis 3:16 – Marg Mowczko

My Jewish Learning: Who was Eve?

Changing Genesis 3:16: About the ESV Translation

St. Irenaus on the Creation of Eve – Ancient Faith